Things you should consider in booking your special event at The Sky Room Restaurant in Long Beach

Questions You Should Consider...

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Start Time

What time would you like your event to begin?

Cocktail Hour

Would you like to begin with a cocktail hour to entertain your guests as they are arriving? If so, in what time frame would you like to host it?

Menu Selection

Which menu number have you decided on?

Canapés and Platter Selections

Would you like to offer these tray-passed Hors d’oeuvres? Would you like to offer platters? What are your selections?

Water Selections

Would you like the option of hosting bottled or sparkling water for your guests at an additional charge?

Bar Selections

We have many options to customize the bar. Just as a reminder, some portion of the bar or wine must be hosted. Here are a just a few options for your group:

  • Bar Package: recommended for large groups or groups looking to control cost.
  • Hosted-On Consumption: For groups who are comfortable paying by the drink. Hosted On Consumption can be specified as either well or premium. Bar Hosted during a specified time period: recommended for groups who want to focus the ambiance or control cost.
  • Bar Tab: Recommended for groups who have a set dollar amount they would like to apply toward the bar.
  • Drink Cap: Recommended for groups who would do not want guests to order drinks above a specified dollar amount.

Wine Selections

Would you like to host a specific bottle of wine from our list? If not, you may host our banquet wine, which is priced at $36 per bottle. This is a boutique wine of extraordinary quality. Typically we pour one red and one white. You will only be charged for wine consumed.

After Dinner Selections

Would you like to offer an after- dinner cordial cart for your guests? Please be aware that these are premium cordials and cognacs. If you have a budget, you will need to give very clear guidelines about duration and the amount you will allot to spend on your guests.


Would you like to host valet for your guests? We contract our services for $7 per car.

Audio Visual or other rentals needed

Will you need an AV screen or an LCD projector? Will you be changing the linen color or flower arrangements?

Menus to read

We custom print our menus for each group. We can put heading such as "______ Welcomes You!" Or “The _______ Appreciation Dinner” Or "Congratulations __________ June 25th, 2006"


Is there any special set-up necessary for your group? Will you need gift, cake, or registration tables? If you are coming in early to set-up, please make an appointment for set-up and submit your set-up for approval in advance.

Guest Count

Please confirm your guest count as it changes. This enables us to make sure your location will continue to be a good fit for your group. Your final guest guarantee, due 5 business days before the event, is the count we will use for staffing, billing, and floor plan purposes.

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