Long Beach Wine Restaurant

The Sky Room's Award-Winning Wine List

The Sky Room's wine philosophy is simple, select the best wines from the best regions at the best price point. Our Sommelier, Jonathan Rosenson features wines from all over the globe ranging in style. We like to offer an array of small boutique wineries that are truly gems. We are looking for hand crafted wines with distinct style and flavor profiles. Of course we can't forget about some of the big players in the game who have pioneered the way for winemaking today. We focus on wines from California, France, Italy, Spain, and Australia without neglecting some of the smaller regions. Jonathan is more than happy to help pair the perfect bottle to enhance your dining experience. So remember the doctor says it is healthy to have a glass of wine a day.

Click here for The Sky Room Wine List. (.pdf format)

"Wine is the universal language of the world" - Jonathan Rosenson